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Sibling Sessions Are So Much Fun!

I always enjoy getting to capture the joy of a new addition & the sibling bond, so when a mom asked if we could combine her daughters birthday and get a few pictures of the siblings together, I jumped at the opportunity! I packed up my gear and headed over to their home with my styled set which was a perfect fit......

....For Anaya who is turning 4! She was super excited for this shoot. She told me all about her birthday party that is coming up and the princesses coming to see her; the ice queen and her sister omg. I'm jealous, who doesn't like princesses?!

Then it came time to get her baby brother Roman ready she skipped down the stairs in her Big sister shirt, completely ready to take on the task of a big sister and posed perfectly, just being herself. She hammed it up for the camera, (after mom was out of sight of course), isn't she adorable?

Roman is 7 weeks old and was not sure of what was going on. Some snuggles from Mrs. Alyssia, some rocking butt-pats, and a little bit of a top-off from a bottle had him sleepy & shoot ready. I loved being able to get him to conk right on out, this mom of 3 has still got it ;) haha.

Check out these images from this cute duo below:

I can't wait for our next shoot together! Its always a blast getting to see the kids grow :)

Alyssia McCaslin is a Family & Brand Photographer located in Maryland. She enjoys spending time with her 3 kids and husband. Going on adventures, but more often drinking her coffee in peace after warming it up for the 4th time :)

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