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Choosing the right Photographer

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

It’s almost that time of the year and I’m sure by now you have started searching for the perfect person to give you the photo session you want. You may have initially thought “I just want someone who takes good pictures” then completely realized there was more to it than that, correct?

If you live in a highly saturated photography area, a simple “who do you recommend?” on social media turns into a sea of photographers to wade through. Most of the time it becomes too daunting to even bother with.

So, let’s help you pick the right one! Here we go:

Stalk them on the internet

I’m just kidding you know lol, but you should see if they have a Website or Business Page. It’s a good indication that they are a licensed business with insurance if they have one. Or if they can reference those things if they don’t have a page. See how often they are communicating on social media. Look at reviews, etc

Can you see yourself in their images?

Let’s face it, every person has their own taste & style. Photographers consider themselves artists, our craft, our style, is our art. We want you to see yourself in those images & be happy with the result. Look for odd shadowing and color accuracy. Keep in mind social media compresses images so grain and blurriness aren’t always an indication that you get images that look that way.

My editing style is real life and bright colors. I also style my images based on client preference. I often ask if they want a darker or lighter editing style. I hand edit each image to ensure you get more than just pictures, you get captured memories that your proud to hang up on your walls.

Check Pricing and Availability.

The big question everyone wants to know. Most photographers don’t show all their pricing. We tailor a lot of things to your needs and there are usually a lot of options, which when faced with online can be a bit much for a client to wade through. So, it’s best to contact the photographer for more information and see more below.

What are you getting for your money

Once you start to get pricing information, you’ll realize there is a wide range of costs per photographer with no real indication as to why. What you get with that money says a lot, and sometimes it’s true that you get what you pay for. It’s not just the education, time, accessories, and pictures that you’re wanting, but the little things we don’t think about until we run into a problem.

Here are some examples:

*Are you getting great communication skills? Quick & thorough responses to your questions or are you left more confused?

*Are you doing all the work or is the photographer when it comes to booking, creativity, communication, & picking images?

* What do the sets and scenes look like? What options do you have? Do they help create the perfect scenery for you or do they make you do it?

In studio or in someone’s home may have a price difference due to the cost associated with running a studio. Quality props, scenes, and sets cost more but you also can get amazing options for your images.

*What kind of availability does the photographer have? Does it work with your schedule? Keep in mind some photographers also work full time and enjoy photography on the side.

*Do you get a customized experience? Not just bulk emails & robotic responses, are you made to feel like its more than just business?

Interaction during the shoot & delivery afterward is important too!

*During the session do you feel rushed?

*Are they professional and courteous?

*Do they overbook and add stress?

*Do you connect with them?

*Are they patient with your children?

*Do they miss little details like keys hanging from belt loops, smudges, highlights and sun in your face, etc.?

*Are they open about their turnaround time and are you getting images back in a timely manner? Sometimes it takes a bit longer if you’re getting more & high-quality images but there should be open communication about expectancy. Overbooking can lead to delays.

* Do you have to wade through all the bad images, crop or straighten yourself, or do you get the best ones? Do you get more bad images than good ones? Do they communicate with you afterward?

If you’ve made it this far without saying, “screw it”, I applaud you. Yes, there is a lot involved in this process, but it shouldn’t be placed on your shoulders. These things should come naturally and easily from your photographer or imagery team.

You deserve the best, after all, that’s what you’re paying for.

Alyssia McCaslin Photography

'Making Memories While Capturing Cherished Moments'

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