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Love the Little Moments

You know when you look at someone you love and you instantly get that happy feeling? You could even be mad at that person, or annoyed, yet you still know that person will always be there for you? That's the best type of love to capture. The little moments give it all away.

Why? Because It shows up in your eyes instantly and I easily capture your heart in a smile. Ashley & Martin are an easy example of that. They came to see AM Photography just last week for their Engagement session. You can tell they hold this kind of love.

Whether its the intense stare or the fun giggles and laughs. It's the easy ability to go from serious to playful together, but always being one strong force. Check out their pictures, can you see it?

Thanks again for coming out to see us! Congrats on your October 2020 Wedding <3

Alyssia McCaslin Photography

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