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How To Organize A Personal Photo Shoot

Organizing any session doesn’t have to be hard… Sure trying to find a date that works for everyone and finding matching outfits for the whole family can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Your Photographer will take care of you. So take a deep breath and take a walk with me on some do’s and don’ts in your whole session process!

Let’s start at the beginning, and say you’re looking for a new photographer. Don’t just choose anyone! Do your research; look for what kind of style photos they take, their editing style, price range (don’t forget in some cases you get what you pay for!) I won’t go into to much detail here, I have a whole other blog posted with that information here:

Once you’ve found your photographer and booked your date and time the next rollercoaster thought is, “what are we going to wear? … Ask your photographer for help! They are here with you from beginning to end. Not only do I have a what to wear guide for you to get some tips from, I have a Pinterest with examples of colors and styles that look good together as well.

Start thinking of some Dos… think ahead!

Prepare Clothes

Once you have figured out what everyone should wear. Stage those clothes, make sure there aren’t any stains ahead of time, remove wrinkles and place the outfits in a safe place until the session. There is nothing worse than pulling out your favorite top and realize it has a stain or your child has grown out of his only pair of dress pants the morning of the session.

Prepare for toddler mayhem

No, I’m not talking about the miniature version of the all-state guy, although sometimes I swear, he lives here with my kids ha! Do you have little ones in your session? Bring their lovie, or something small you wouldn’t mind being in the photos if needed. You know your child better than anyone, bring a “treat” that they get if they do well. Sometimes the goal is to keep them happy until the session is over, while I click away and get some great shots.

Don’t Fret

We understand when illnesses or rain dampens your session. We’ll reschedule! We can also fix that bruise your child decided to get yesterday (we can’t tell you how many times that happens to all our kids!)

Hair and Makeup

If you want to save some stress, having the ladies hair and makeup done by a professional is always an option.

Ask questions

If you’re worried or need clarification about anything, please ask us! That’s what we are here for & we are often flexible with your needs. We want you to be happy & care free, to enjoy your time with us.

We hope these tips help you stress less before your next shoot!

Alyssia McCaslin Photography

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