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Why Newborn Sessions Rock!

We've all been there, planning our weeks ahead with a big belly. Getting ready for baby showers and setting the nursery up. Spending money on just about whatever we need in order to be prepared. If you're anything like me, around 36 weeks or so, you go "Man, I want that newborn session, but do I really need it?"

You may not need it, but man do I regret not having them with my kids. My hospital didn't have an in house photographer and the digital age of photographers hadn't come upon us yet, when my oldest was born. Little did we know he would be in the NICU 2 weeks with group B strep. How I wish I could see how little his fingers and toes were those first 2 weeks of life. The two weeks that we missed so much of.

So now I help families document their precious bundles new moments! Because no cell phone picture or attempts to make #pinterest-esque themed #backdrops will look quite the same without the proper technique. (believe me, I've done it too, its definitely not easy or cheap at first).

Clients are curious what comes with a newborn session & its always good to ask questions. Each client gets a little guide on what to bring to the session and what baby should wear on the way to the studio (or even during my travels to their home). #Newborn Sessions are typically 2-3 hours long if you want about 2 backdrops or outfits (I can provide those as well). Some sessions can take longer depending on how baby feels.

You'd be surprised how often I hear "my baby sleeps all day long" and then during the session he or she is awake for most of the session. There is something new and exciting going on, so its completely normal for this to happen!

So what does mom or dad do while I am getting baby all settled and ready? Often Dad will help me spot during certain poses and Mom can take a nap.

If we're at your house you can even get a peaceful shower! I have plenty of outlets and I'm getting ready to put a TV in the studio so you don't have to use your phone if you'd rather not. I have hulu & #netflix too

Overall we make it a relaxing experience and in the end you get amazing images from the short-lived time when every feature is still fresh & new.

If you know you want a newborn session, you always have the option of doing a payment plan with me or opening a photo registry. The registry is just like the newborn registry where you can put it into shower invitations & share online/emails but instead of socks and bottles others can put toward your images and memories via album and digital images. I can do this for any occasion. Often my clients use the registry for newborn session or the newborn first year milestone package. This includes one of each: Maternity, newborn, 3, 6, 9 months and 1st birthday or cake smash sessions.

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