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How to have a Fun & Beautiful Maternity Shoot

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Capturing the moments before life changes should be fun and you should feel beautiful! Let me show you how.

After photographing this gorgeous mama's baby shower, she contacted me about a Babies First Year package, she wanted the whole year but wasn't so sure about maternity pictures.

Most of us ladies struggle to feel amazing at the end of our pregnancies, its completely understandable, but we deserve to feel like the awesome women we are when growing our miracles.

I had this amazing vision in my head that I could not get out for a while now, a shoot in the family creek. Its our happy place, its a place that holds memories for not just my kids, but my husbands mom, aunts, and grandparents. Its where we go to skip rocks, go swimming, get walking sticks & take in nature.

We set a day & time (sunset) and coordinated clothing options. She had this amazing dress she wanted to use & it was perfect! She had yer makeup done by a local MUA Nicole Walker and we were ready to go.

We walked through the woods (to grandmother's house we went haha) & the rest his memories for this beautiful family.

We laughed, joked around, they even had a splash fight. & I had a great time playing in the water & getting soaked to get the shots she would cherish forever! Get yourself a creative photographer that isn't afraid to get in the water or do anything to get the shot!

See Its simple. With the right angles and poses, her family was as beautiful as ever!

Alyssia McCaslin Photography

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