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Enjoy The Success Of Others, Here’s Why:

It is 2018 and the year is half way over, yet it is just now sinking in how much has happened in such a small timeframe. From renovating my studio, to joining a photography group, starting my business, making a video ad, to garnering a bunch of new clients, it has been a whirlwind of a year already.

While those things may can be expected, one thing I had not expected was the amount of other photographers and small business owners in the community I would connect to and become friends with!

One question I get often is "How can you do well in this market?" Meaning how are you doing so well in a highly saturated photography market and technology age. Another is "Aren't the people in your photography group your competition? Honestly it's everyone's default reaction, its human nature to be competitive or jealous. Gore Vidal was quoted to say "It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail." While it does hold some truth, it does not mean you have to play a part in those failures and you probably will not be successful if you do. I often tell people that I would rather succeed with others than fail alone. I really enjoy the comradery, it feels amazing being a part of a successful group of entrepreneurs and it has led me to success.

Here are some reasons why you should enjoy the successes of others as well:

People Will Like You

When you sincerely wish for others to succeed you will stand out from the group of people who only support them for their own gain or on a superficial level. They will like you for being sincere. It is not a bad thing to have successful friends. We offer one another tips, advice, and build one another up.

You Will Be Happier

Ever notice when someone is negative, that the energy just gets sucked out of a room?  Negativity creates more negativity, so the same can be said about positivity and happiness. When you support and uplift others, you start a chain of positive reinforcement and energy. You will feel better when you support others success, I promise.

You Get More Opportunities & Be Around Others

These successful individuals are smart, they will know when you are a real friend vs someone who is using them. They also remember who supported them during their growth. Friends don't mind helping other friends. So when you wish for others to succeed you implant yourself to a friend who may be able to help you one day. If you are so jealous that instead of joining a successful friends celebration, you're hiding at home plotting a way to sabotage them, you may be missing out on a network opportunity. Success, just like negative and positive emotions, is contagious too.

Inspiration Comes Along

When you support these individuals do not be surprised when inspiration and motivation comes from hearing about their successes. Hearing success stories shows that it is possible and that it is achievable in your own ways! You will probably get several light bulb moments that will motivate you toward your goal.  Then when others see you supporting successful people & moving upward, you become the inspiration.  When the jealousy and negativity is gone from your life you set the example of positivity.

You Will Be More Confident & Stop Comparisons


It is true, people are compelled and gravitate toward positive people. When you change your mindset away from jealousy the world changes around you. When you help others you become the go-to. When others ask for your help you become more confident and self-assured. Another plus is that you will also stop comparing yourself to others, you let go of that negative connotation that others doing well means you're unsuccessful, the opposite is true. No one compares the student to the teacher. There is no comparison.

Alyssia McCaslin


Myself and a local entrepreneur Patrice Merri, taking a picture after her family lavender session. Supporting each other's successes and being a part of the community is important.

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