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Do You Need A Face Lift?

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Well not your literal face - Does your online presence or business need a face lift?

Your online presence means everything in today's modern society. More and more clients are looking at how your business is portrayed, yet businesses are just starting to understand how to give the consumers what they want visually. Branding or Personal Brand Photography gives your business or online presence a face lift in a big way & draws more clients in.

As Dr.J.E Kwegyir Aggrey once said "Don't tell me what you know; Show me what you can do." The same should be applied to a modern day businesses goal & social marketing strategy.

Ever come across someones feed and go "Wow this is so beautifully put together" or "Why can't mine look like that" ?

That is because that feed has been properly branded. Take a look at Instagram and Pinterest for example, nothing but images flooding the consumer's eye.

What is going to visually stand out to them about your business? If its not cohesive they don't stick around.

This is where I come in with Brand Photography.

So what is Brand Photography?

No it's not just about your logo. It's your visual story.

Customized styled Images that properly portray your image or style. Images that tell the consumer what you do, who you are, and how you interact with others - via your website or social media. Images that share your uniqueness & personality.

I put emphasis on customized here, because copying someone else will never work for you. Using the same images or content as someone else on social media does not properly represent you or your business, it represents them. So just don't do it.

My client, a florist, brand image

Don't Feel like you have a brand? You do, you just do not know how to describe it yet.

During your personal or business brand session you and your photographer will figure out what your brand is with just a few simple questions. We'll see what you want your visual appeal to be. We line up your content ideas and then shoot. We get you set with enough content to hold you for several months until you want new images.

Here is just a taste of my personal brand images. You see it tells a bit of a story; It answers who I am, what I do, and what I offer. That is what I aim to give you.

Brand photography is a big tool that can really help your bottom line.

If you have a visually stimulating brand clients will come to you.

If you are interested in Brand Photography feel free to contact me. I travel & love to connect with other businesses.

Unlike portrait photography it is important that you get to edit these images. You want to edit these images to stay consistent with your brand. You'll want to add words, filters, make changes etc. Otherwise these sessions are pointless.

Most photographers do not allow you to edit their images, so please ask before going into a session with anyone else.

Also I do not require recognition or payment for use of these images on social media, since they do not represent my brand but yours.

Are you ready for that face-lift?


Alyssia McCaslin Photography is a Family & Brand Photographer located in Maryland.

Instagram: Alyssia.McCaslin

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