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Any idea? A: В команде помогло запуск другого телефона (под Linux Mint). Таким образом получается объединить пользователи и шифровать файлы. Не могу сказать как правильно настроить телефон, но стал работать. Подозреваю что ошибка в настройке шифрования. Molecular dynamics simulation of the hydration of aqueous ionic solution. The self-consistent molecular dynamics technique was used to calculate hydration structures of Na+, Cl-, and H+ ions in aqueous solution. Local solvent structures were studied at a water-to-salt ratio of 1.0, and the calculated hydration radius of H+ is found to be 6.1 A, which is smaller than the experimental measurement. Nevertheless, the calculated hydration structure of Na+ agrees well with the electron density. On the basis of the calculation, we can propose a structural model for hydration in aqueous solutions of monovalent and divalent cations. The structure consists of three hydration layers; the inner layer containing water molecules with six or eight bonds, the middle layer consisting of water molecules with three or four bonds, and the outer layer with water molecules with two bonds. The degree of hydration of ions is the same as that of the three-dimensional cage model proposed by Fowkes and colleagues. However, this structural model is different from that of the solvation shell proposed by Filatov et al.Q: "Pass" vs "Pass




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